Giving Back

One of the things that Infinite Safari Adventures strongly believes in is giving back. As part of that philosophy not only do we serve on the Board of Trustees of the Cheetah Conservation but we have worked essentially with a Maasai Community in the Ongata-Rongai region in Amboseli Kenya.

In working with the women of that area we not only underwrite the manufacture of traditional Maasai beaded jewelry and market it in the United States but we also offer Maasai Beaded Dog Collars made in Africa. Make your dog the envy of the neighborhood and help the Maasai Women of the Ongata-Rangai village in Amboseli Kenya!

100% of the proceeds will go back to the women who make these collars to help them build a water well for their village and send their children to school. Read more here.

Like other “Maasai Beaded” items you may see, our dog collars are not mass produced. They are 100% handmade by the women of the Ongata-Rangai village in Amboseli Kenya. Using cowhide and buckles acquired in Nairobi the collars are hand beaded in the village. Every collar is unique and special. Your dog will be the envy of all other dogs as they stroll the neighborhood or play in your local dog park!

We have teamed up with the charitable organization A Voice Is Heard, an organization that builds wells. You can learn more and donate by

And be sure to send pictures of your pooch so we can put them up in our gallery!

What size should you buy?

Measure the circumference of your pet’s neck. Then add 2 inches to this measurement. If it is between two of our sizes then order the bigger size.

When you get your collar buckle it on your dog so that it rests high on his/her neck but not too loose. You should adjust it so that you can place two fingers under the collars. This will not only make it comfortable but, allow you to grab it if necessary.